Conceal Unwanted Tattoos With Our Small Tattoo Cover-Up Design Services

In a perfect world, tattoos would last for the rest of your life. You choose a design that shows who you are and wear it on your sleeve for the rest of your life.


But in the real world, some tattoos don’t last as long as others.


Small tattoos, in particular, often get harder to see after a few years or even a decade. And the colours fade, especially on parts of the body that get more sun, like the hand. For some people, their tattoos no longer show who they are.


For example, you might have a tattoo of someone’s name from a relationship that is over. Or your taste in art changes, and it doesn’t make sense to keep tattoos you any longer like. 


Also, people change and evolve as the years go by. So a tattoo that could have described you in a certain period might not make any sense a few years later.

You might want to get rid of an old tattoo for many reasons. Actually, statistics show that 78% of people who have tattoos regret getting at least one of them.

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So what should you do if you don’t like your old tattoo anymore?


You can either get rid of it, fix it, or hide it.


It all depends on you; however, we suggest that as long as it can get covered up, just let it be covered up to preserve that body art and also some of your money (tattoo cover-ups are generally cheaper than tattoo removal)


Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we are available to help you with all tattoo cover-up work you need.

So, ready to get that tattoo buried with a great cover? Set an appointment with us.

What Makes the Best Small Tattoo For Cover Up

Although it’s commonly believed that wearing something in a bright, vibrant hue will help hide a tattoo, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you got a red square tattoo over your ex’s initials, you could still see them through the colour.


So, the best cover-up tattoos have a lot of lines and shading that are full of colour.


The best tattoos have detailed designs like mandalas and animal prints, detailed lettering, and traditional American tattoo styles.

Small Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas

Lip Tattoo, Back Tattoo

Sometimes, seeing your tattoo brings back memories you’d rather not reminisce. Or, maybe you’d just instead cover up old tattoos because they no longer hold a special meaning to you.


Whatever it is, you’re here now. If you want the best cover-up tattoo ideas, continue reading to learn about some top designs. You may come across one you’ll end up loving!

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies feature intricate linework, especially on their wings which makes for a good cover-up tattoo. Additionally, suppose you are only looking to cover up a faded design from the past. In that case, that can be covered with more butterflies, and you'll get a whole new tattoo with better quality while still preserving the old ink with the last one.

Tribal Designs Tattoo

These designs can hide even the darkest, most prominent, blobbiest tattoo. But they do more than hide. They also look great. This cover-up tattoo really stands out because it has a lot of fine line work and dark shading.

If you have a tattoo and think there's no way to cover it up, try looking for a tribal design with intricate lines that match what you have. You're sure to find something, especially with the many tribal tattoo options available.

Black Tattoo

Black ink is one of the most difficult to hide. Usually, you need more black ink and a skilled tattoo artist who can cover it up with colour. But generally, a good thing about black ink is that it also makes for a good cover-up tattoo.

So if you're looking to get a tattoo that'll indeed mask another tattoo, black tattoos will make a great cover.

Quote to Art Tattoo

Many quote tattoos are made with thin lines, meaning they might not look as good in a few years. A good tattoo artist can put a new stroke of paint over an old one. The colour goes on well because it is dark and thick. This makes the tattoo creative and artistic.

Name Tattoo Cover

Obviously, at least one customer always comes in needing to cover the name of a certain someone they had inked on their skin. A good cover-up design for this is an artistic style with intricate linework, as most name tattoos are made with fine lines. A classic example of a cover-up for a past lover's name tattooed on your skin is a rose and scorpion!

Many consider this a classic combination. Love, but with a sting.

This is an excellent cover-up job. You'd only spot the letters if you knew they existed.

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Get That New Ink With Our Experienced Tattoo Artist

It’s easier to cover a tattoo than to have it removed. Not to mention, it’s a lot cheaper too. So if you do not like how your old tattoo turned out, you may want to cover it up with some of the best tattoo cover-up ideas enumerated above!


Before anything else, it is best to consult with your tattooist to see if your idea would suffice. Some of the questions to ask include:


  • Can the cover-up design you want really hide the current tattoo?
  • Does a solid black cover-up ink create beautiful body art?
  • Instead of covering it, can you instead make it pop or add another tattoo to compliment the old one?
  • Is it possible to make the old tattoo part of the new ones?

You should consider all these and more before deciding on a cover-up. 

Are you looking for a tattoo place in London that does cover-up? Look no further than Pearl Lemon Tattoos. We have experienced tattoo artists who can alter or hide a tattoo design completely.

We are big on customer satisfaction and ensure that our clients only leave our tattoo parlour when they are impressed with results. We carry out the cover-up process with sharp detail. Our cover-ups are diverse, and we deliver the best scar cover-ups for our clients.

Whether you want to cover up a tattoo or a scar, we are here to help.

Set up a call, and let’s discuss!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big your new tattoo is will depend on what you want it to be. But a tattoo meant to cover up an old one will always be bigger than the old one. If it's smaller, it won't fully cover the lines and colours underneath.

Depending on how bad your old tattoo is, a cover-up tattoo might hurt more than the first one if it leaves scars.


Cover-up tattoos can also take longer to finish because they are bigger. This means that the pain is worse for some people.

That all depends on your financial situation and preference.


If you're looking for a cheaper solution, a cover-up is an ideal route to take. But, if you don't like your tattoo and don't know what you want for a new one, getting a laser tattoo removal procedure may be the better option.


It's important to note that bright colours are harder to get off completely. And sometimes, it takes more than one treatment to get rid of a tattoo.


You can do a retouch if you aren't happy with the colours or shading. Or, you can make it even better by getting a new design. And then you need something to hide it.

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