Let Your Creativity Fish Dive With Our Best Koi Fish Tattoos For Men

The art of tattooing expresses every culture there is in the world. Two of the best cultures suitable for tattoo art is the Japanese and Chinese culture. 

With the influence of these two cultures, the koi tattoo for men dominates the industry. The koi fish– a mythical being they respect– has a long history in Japanese and Chinese civilisations. 

The fish is frequently brightly coloured with exquisite designs that have proven popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Most men get tattoos to commemorate a significant event or aspect of their lives, and the koi fish is one of the most incredible designs with deep significance.

In 2020, 15% of men had their bodies tatted. Since the Koi Fish Tattoos are so popular, expressing themselves with these tattoos is 100% possible for the guys.

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Beautiful Koi Tattoo For Men Ideas Available For You

We have a long list here if you still need some other koi fish tattoo design ideas. Check it out!

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Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

The Koi Fish is believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the Japanese people. They view this rare fish as a symbol of perseverance and determination. For men who value these qualities, a traditional Japanese koi fish is an impactful and aesthetic design to consider. Irezumi, or conventional Japanese tattoo style, features a unique look defined by vibrant colours and bold lines. The koi fish and other elements like dragons, temples, sakura blooms, and tigers are popular subjects for this traditional tattoo style. 

Simple Koi Fish Tattoo

The basic koi fish tattoo is another choice for laid-back males looking for a more simplistic approach to inking. Simple tattoos should ideally have a basic design that appears subdued but is as crucial as more ornate ones. 


These tattoos primarily focus on fundamental forms and lack elaborate decoration. It is best suited for persons who live a simple lifestyle and like a plain ink pattern that is easily concealed.

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Small Koi Fish Tattoo

Although most guys love large and complex tattoo designs, some choose a tiny yet significant tattoo. A little koi fish tattoo is a subtle approach to body art, yet it is a versatile and adaptable choice. 

Choosing a tiny tattoo allows you more freedom in terms of placement and the features you may use to create art that you can proudly wear. For a more contemporary yet discreet look, get it tattooed on your wrist or behind your ear.

Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish tattoos are frequently combined with other Eastern themes such as the lotus flower and the Yin and Yang symbols. They can also signify the astrological sign Pisces. 


The symbol depicts two fish swimming together but in different directions. This pattern is connected with duality or the user being pulled between two options. People born under this sign are likely interested in this one-of-a-kind ink creation.

Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio
Tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a man's hand.

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

The Japanese place a high significance on koi fish. This fish’s beautiful colours will command a high price. Because these fish are connected with riches and good fortune, they are popular pond pets. A tattoo design of a koi fish with the yin yang symbol is connected with persistence and plenty. This design combination is rather prevalent, as it shows harmony and balance. Wearing this tattoo is like wearing a lucky charm on your skin.

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

The colours you choose for your koi fish tattoo are critical in communicating your message. Using red for your koi fish ink indicates that you appreciate courage and bravery. Red and similar colours are frequent among these animals. This striking colour is associated with passionate love, power, strength, and motherhood. A red koi fish tattoo is a striking and eye-catching design that will undoubtedly stand out and make a statement.

Blue Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fishes are available in various hues, and a blue koi fish tattoo is a very manly choice. This azure-coloured carp is linked to reproduction. A blue and white koi fish represents a family’s son. It is also connected with serenity, peace, and peacefulness.

Koi Fish and Lotus Flower

In Eastern cultures, koi fish are popular tattoo elements. The Koi fish and lotus flower tattoo combo will appeal to those who wish to convey their optimism in life. The lotus flower represents strength and spirituality, but the Koi represents power, prosperity, and good fortune. The lotus flower and koi combo represent your past troubles and power as you overcome obstacles.

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Fire and Water Koi Fish Tattoo

Fire and water are other popular elements you can include with your koi fish tattoo. It is an alternative design if you do not like the yin yang or Pisces Koi tattoo. But its meaning is pretty much the same – two opposing powers coming together.

Realistic Koi Fish Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are one-of-a-kind tattoo designs that are popular among men and women. Tattoo designs in this manner are designed to appear honest and as if they are going to float off your skin. If you want a wonderfully created realistic koi fish tattoo, go with an experienced artist.

Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo

Among the newest tattoo styles, the watercolour style is one of the most popular. It’s reasonable because drawings created with this approach always look fantastic. The design incorporates a colour palette that has been beautifully combined. As a result, it seems to be a painting on your skin. 


This style is ideal for a koi fish tattoo if you want to create a conversation piece since the result will be calm and attractive. However, because this tattoo design ages quicker than others, it is advisable to find a location that is not exposed to sunlight.

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Koi Fish Thigh Tattoo

Some occupations require males to conceal their tattoos as much as possible. Consider your lifestyle or job while selecting your next inking project. If you want something elaborate and intricate, choose a placement that can be covered up when necessary. In addition to the back, the thigh is a common location for profound and complex tattoo design. It has ample room for a detailed koi fish tattoo that you may design yourself. Furthermore, this location has a minimal pain level when getting inked.

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

sleeve tattoo is popular for males since it emphasises their muscles. However, deciding on a design or pictures for your sleeve tattoo is difficult. You may collaborate with your artist to develop a design that makes a statement while still being meaningful. In terms of design intricacies and meaning, the Koi fish sleeve tattoo may provide you with that delight. 

You can utilise images such as sakura blossoms, lotus flowers, temples, waves, and the yin yang symbol. However, it is also important to understand that elaborate and extensive tattoo designs may require many finishing sessions.

If you want to see more of our designs or want to use your own design, it’s best to talk to our experts about it. So book a call now.

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