Obtain The Small Tattoo for Hip That Everyone Will Be Amazed About

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Are you planning to get a tattoo but don’t know where to put it? Are you ashamed to make it visible to other people?

We get it. Tattoos are something you want to get discreetly. And that’s perfectly normal for people to think that their tattoo idea should be hidden.

In fact, 72% of the tattooed population has their tattoos embedded on parts of their body where they wouldn’t be seen. 

And as experts, we recommend that the best body part for discreet black ink is your hip!

A hip tattoo is great not just because of easy tattoo design concealment but also because the hips are some of the parts of your body with the best protection from heat.

When a small tattoo for hip has prolonged sun exposure, it will dull the black ink or colour of the tattoos. UV rays will discolour your skin’s pigments, and crisp straight-line work will fade.

A hip tattoo’s healing time process is quite longer than most tattoos made in other parts of the body.

You can start with a small tattoo if you’re still considering getting a tattoo design for your hip but are discouraged by its longer healing time

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we will make sure to make your hip tattoo worthy!

Get your schedule today, and stun everyone with your new awe-striking tattoo.!

Small Tattoo For Hip Ideas Just For You

Do you need a design book for the best small tattoos for your hip? Well, scroll down to see Pearl Lemon Tattoos’ Guidebook to the best colorful hip tattoos! 

Butterfly Hip Tattoos

A butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular types of tattoo. This is because butterflies are linked with transformation, nature, and liberation. They have a lovely and feminine appearance as well. Butterflies are a versatile tattoo design that can be done in both colour and black ink. Furthermore, these flying insects stand out as miniature works of art.

These tattoos, in their purest form, represent femininity and beauty. Like other insects, the life of a butterfly is brief. These tattoos could be memorials to a loved one who has passed away. Butterflies, and in a metaphorical sense, certain people, go through a metamorphosis during their lives. This is one of the best tattoos for women on the market.

Sunflower Tattoos

A sunflower tattoo is a popular flower tattoo design for your hip area. They will stand out even in small sizes due to their vibrant yellow colour. These flowers have a long history and significance. As they frequently bloom towards the Sun, they represent longevity, adoration, and faith. They also represent warmth, happiness, and joy to many people, making them ideal if you are known for your ‘sunny’ personality.

Working in tattoo workshop, small tattoo for hip
Tattoo Artist Preparing Tattoo Machine

Small Cross Tattoos

In Christianity, a cross is an appropriate tattoo symbol – its holy significance and historical history are compelling reasons to choose this tattoo design. A tiny cross tattoo gives you many creative options and a powerful message. It can be subtle or intense, simple or vibrant, and suitable for any situation.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos have been popular for decades, particularly among women. This is due to their simplicity, expressiveness, and reflection of the most powerful emotion: love. Heart tattoos can represent many emotions, from romance to family and even loss. A small heart tattoo serves as a simple reminder of what is most important in life while also displaying your passionate and affectionate side. These tiny tattoos will remind you of something close to the heart for sure.

Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel wings can look equally good as a small tattoo or as a larger tattoo. For some women, the design represents their higher self – their perfect ‘angelic’ side. They can also represent freedom or a desire to flee. Some also make these wings as a reminder of their ‘guardian angel,’ that’s keeping an eye on them.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos, like many navigational tattoos, are a sailor tradition. They indicate safety and the end of a long journey. While some may consider the anchor a masculine symbol, many women appreciate its simplicity and significance. A small version of the anchor tattoo looks great when placed on the wrist, ankle, or fingers.

Tattoo Design on Arm
Bearded tattoo artist

Lotus Flower Tattoos

The lotus flower is a Hindu symbol of divine beauty and purity. Its open petals represent the mind and soul expanding. As a result, many women, particularly those with a spiritual side, have chosen it as a tattoo design. The lotus makes an excellent small tattoo because it is delicate and dainty. Choose a placement that corresponds with your chakras to enhance the spiritual aspect of a lotus flower tattoo.

Cat Tattoos

Cats are a perfect choice for a small tattoo design. These animals are both adorable and eye-catching. You can express your love for these cherished furry friends by purchasing a mysterious black cat or a playful cartoon kitty. Many women get cat tattoos to remember their pets, but these inks are symbolic. Cats symbolise resurrection because they are said to have “nine lives” and are a feminine symbol in many cultures.

Mountain Hip Tattoos

Mountains represent the difficulties and adversities we have overcome in our lives. After going through a stressful life event, many women choose this design for their tattoos. Mountains remind us of our inner or physical strength, which we definitely discover when put to the test. As a result, it’s an important option for inking. Because these tattoos are symbolic, they do not need to be large to convey their message.

Word or Quote Tattoos

Quote tattoos are frequently applied to the forearm or wrist but putting it on your hip is still a lovely idea! Whatever you choose – a line from your favourite movie, book, song, or wise words – the impact will be felt regardless of the size of your inking.

Caucasian tattoo artist talking by mobile phone and in tattoo studio
Tattooist inks dragon design for arm, honoring lost loved ones.

Bird Hip Tattoos

Bird tattoos are popular due to their versatility. They can be found in a variety of cultures and suit a variety of tattoo styles. Birds represent independence, freedom, peace, optimism, and happiness.

Crown Hip Tattoos

Crown tattoos have a long history, particularly during the reign of kings and queens when the ruling was regarded as a remarkable and responsible duty. Aside from royalty, one of the primary meanings of crown tattoos is power. Kings and queens are widely regarded as among the most influential people in the world, particularly regarding ruling. This power gave them the confidence to rule over a specific nation while also receiving high respect in return.

Star Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the star design. They represent finding light in the midst of darkness, making them a moving and beautiful body art design. They are also excellent for small, delicate tattoos. A string of stars frequently represents the wearer’s journey. It can also be a religious tattoo, particularly for Christians, because the Bible mentions stars guiding people.

Rose Hip Tattoos

Basic and delicate rose tattoos are extremely popular right now, and it’s no surprise. The minimalist and understated take on the classic floral design is appropriate for those with a modern, sophisticated sense of style. A small and lovely rose tattoo can be placed almost anywhere, from the forearm to the fingers, wrist, or hip.

Man doing a tattoo in a tattoo salon
Portrait of pensive tattoo master with tattooing machine

Watercolor Hip Tattoos

If you want bright colours for your hip tattoo, a watercolour style might be the way to go. This tattoo is designed to look like a free-form watercolour painting and can be used for a variety of designs and subjects. The small design can be entirely done in watercolour or have a watercolour background with a black symbol or image in the foreground.

Deer Antler Tattoos

The deer antler tattoo can represent a unique grace. Someone who is at peace with themselves has a lot of love to give and is a beautiful symbol of hope and inspiration. This tattoo is seen on both men and women because it represents speed, fertility, regrowth, and humility.

Matching Side Hip Tattoos

Another interesting idea is to get mirror-image tattoos on both hips. These tattoos are excellent for bringing attention to your stomach and enhancing the shape of your hips. They also add depth, giving your lower stomach a toned appearance.

Are you interested in giving yourself a good hip tattoo? Reach and call us now.

Ink Your Hips With The Best Tattoo Designs!

We support your bravery and craft in believing that hip tattoos are a must for your expression. We also commend you for not sacrificing any belief that you may have.

That’s why we want to be part of putting that tattoo design on your hips.

May it be hip tattoos for women or men, we don’t mind. All we want to do is help you get the tattoo art you want on the side of your body.

Hips are a versatile area that can accommodate any type of design, from small and simple to large and bold.

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to give you the best small hip tattoo possible!

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