Create Lasting Memories About Your Beloved With Our Small Tattoo For Lost Loved Ones

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One of the most challenging things to occur in our lives is losing the people we love the most.

The pain and feelings of grief & loss when you lose someone who meant a lot to you can be hard to handle. When someone leaves your life, it might feel like your heart is breaking. You become unsure of how to manage without them.

But even when a person dies, it doesn’t mean they are gone forever. You must carry on even though you don’t know how to get over your grief. 

Accepting that we won’t ever hear from or see them again, or even celebrate any more occasions with them, is much more difficult. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we know how meaningful and close these tattoos are to your heart, so there is no room for mistakes. We understand that getting a memorial tattoo is helpful in a person’s healing process.

Contact us today and get a way to remember your loved ones.

Tattoo Design Of Your Favourite Gift You Received From Them

This type of tattoo depicts a message the deceased loved one gave them. Whatever that item is, it can be emulated into a tattoo. It could be anything, including pendants, paintings, sculptures, and other items, that were gifted to you.

These are delicate and graceful remembrance tattoos that are sure to look lovely. 

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Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Since butterflies represent the soul, choosing this option to honour a loved one who has passed away or lost their spirit makes sense. 

Butterfly tattoos come in various designs, from vivid ones that symbolise courage and strength to black and grey ones with dreamlike elements and vibrant ones that stand for femininity.

Portrait Of The Person

Getting a person’s portrait tattoo is a one-of-a-kind idea to honour their memory. It is especially true if you have a snapshot of the deceased accurately capturing their personality. It could also be a picture that captures a particular time in their lives.

Giving a photo of your beloved person to a skilled portrait tattoo artist in your area is an excellent approach to obtaining a memorial tattoo in honour of that person.

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Various Symbols Depicts Various Story

Common memorial symbols for a lost loved one are a dove, compass, and rose because of their beauty and eternal appeal. The compass and rose are more associated with nautical and floriography motifs, whereas the doves are a Biblical emblem.

To stay on course, sailors have compasses tattooed on their bodies. If your lost loved one played a significant role in your upbringing, this is the ideal emblem.

Since a rose represents love and devotion, memorial tattoo designs frequently feature one.

Angel Wings Tattoo Design Ideas

The idea that a loved one is keeping an eye on them in the hereafter provides solace to many people. If you belong to this group, a design with angelic characteristics is a good option

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Get Their Birth Flower Tattoo

Getting a birth flower tattoo is highly significant and exquisite if you want a modest, delicate memorial feel.

It is also a perfect option if you search for a discreet remembrance tattoo that you can conceal or customise to fit your style.

Additionally, if you want to pay tribute to several people at once, you can choose a flower bouquet made out of the flowers that each family member received as a birth flower.

Honour Them With Anchor Tattoo

Since anchors keep ships in place and stand for stability and safety, they are frequently selected as memorial tattoos. 

They can also be interpreted as a representation of hope, which many people find consoling in the wake of a loved one’s passing.

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Best Memorial Tattoo Ideas For Pets

The popularity of tattoos honouring pets is rising. We all know that pets can be seen as family members, and losing a pet can be just as demanding on the people who look after it as losing a human family member would be.

Pet memorial tattoo designs can range from a straightforward outline of your pet’s breed to a detailed portrait. Additionally, you can add symbols vital to you and your pet, such as heart or paw prints.

Nature-Related Design Tattoos For Remembrance

The use of a sunset scene as a memorial tattoo’s central motif alludes to the person’s life’s environment.

Any environment you would associate with the lost loved one, such as a lake, river, or mountain range, might be the backdrop for the sunset.

It is a fantastic alternative for those who enjoy being outside and have spent much time in nature with their loved ones.

The two swans are also a good idea, depicting a lake and the deceased couples’ love, symbolising their love.

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Praying Hands With Beads Memorial Tattoos Can Help

After losing a loved one, religion serves as consolation for a significant number of spiritual individuals all over the world.

Religious memory tattoos are popular and can be made in any size or design.

You can choose a tattoo that shows a hand holding beads or features other religious symbols that are meaningful to you or the person you want to honour.

We Honour Your Memories At Pearl Lemon Tattoos

The best way to remember someone you have lost and to keep them close to you invariably is with a memorial tattoo.

People who have tattoos in remembrance of a loved one say doing so is a cathartic process that allows the memories to be expressed in the open.

Nevertheless, even how overcome we may be with the urge to do something to honour the one we loved the most, we should still take the time to come up with a unique memorial tattoo design.

Thanks to the memorial tattoo, your loved ones will always be with you, aiding your healing process.

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we specialise in drawing numerous designs with different meanings, including memorial tattoos. 

With us, you can be assured of the design and the hygienic measurements we take during our tattoo sessions. So book your slot and leave the rest to our artists. 

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