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A tattoo is a mark, figure, design or word intentionally fixed or placed on the skin. They are pieces of body art that express important memories and beliefs for those who get them. They have a variety of meanings and significance for different people.

For many people, tattoos are a way to express their identity, culture or personal beliefs. Others get them as a way to commemorate an important event or loved one. Some people get them as a form of rebellion or to mark a rite of passage.

Tattoos can cover up scars and other unwanted pieces of body art or be used for aesthetic purposes. Many cultures all over the world have a deep and long history with body markings. In many cultures, they often act as status symbols.

In other cultures, body art is used as a form of spiritual or religious expression. They are used for protection and as sources of power.

Whatever reason you have for getting body art, our expert artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos can help you get the body art of your dreams. We take great pride in providing you with a safe, pleasant, memorable experience. 

With our mobile tattoo services, you can get high-quality body art in the safety and comfort of your home. 

If you need our services, call us now to learn more.

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Why You Will Love Our Mobile Tattoo Sercive In Parsons Green

Our mobile tattoo service provides body art services at a location chosen by the client. This kind of service is convenient for people who cannot travel to a studio for various reasons, including physical limitations, need for privacy or people who do not have access to transportation. This service can provide a convenient and accessible option for getting the body art they want.

Our mobile tattoo service is also convenient for busy people that prefer a more personalised experience. We can accommodate clients on short notice or outside of regular business hours. This mobile service can also be a fun and unique addition to parties or events. Our tattoo artists will customise their services to fit the event’s theme. 

Before hiring our mobile service for an event, you must ensure that all of your guests are fully informed and understand the risks and responsibilities involved before getting any form of body art. Hiring a mobile tattoo service allows you the opportunity to physically, emotionally and mentally prepare yourself more than if you were visiting a parlour. 

This is a boon for many first-timers. They may have friends close by to support them and cheer them on. They may also have painkillers, ice and ointment on hand. If they are prone to nausea, they may even have a barf bag on the ready.

Our Process

Acquiring body art from a mobile tattoo artist is often similar to acquiring them at a studio in Central London.

The first step is to have a consultation with a tattoo artist to discuss any ideas that you have for your tattoo. Based on the design, the tattoo artist will give you a quote for the cost of the tattoo. During the consultation, the tattoo artist will also assess your skin and determine the best placement for the tattoo.

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The next step is to work with the tattoo artist to design the tattoo. This may involve sketching out a rough design. This gives you and the tattoo artist a chance to collaborate together and create a final design. After the design has been finalised, you may book your session.

Before the tattooing begins, the artist will then clean the area of the skin where your art of choice will be placed and may shave or trim any excess hair. They will then apply a stencil of the design to the skin to act as a guide for the tattooing process

The artist will then set up their equipment and begin the process. This usually includes the use of an electric tattoo machine. The machine will inject ink into your skin. The artist will periodically clean the tattooed area and apply a new layer of ink as needed to complete the piece of art.

Once the art has been inked, the artist will clean the area again before applying a bandage or wrap to protect it and your sensitive skin against the environment. The artist will also provide you with aftercare instructions. You must follow the aftercare instructions to ensure that your body art heals properly and looks its best.

Join The Club And Use Pearl Lemon Tattoos As Your Go-To Mobile Tattoo Service

Since the pandemic, many people prefer things to be done at home.

As such, we at Pearl Lemon Tattoos ensure that all our artists follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our artists wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and clean and disinfect their equipment and themselves before and after every session. They maintain physical distancing when needed to reduce the risk of transmission.

Our artists are highly-skilled and trained to give a world-class experience in the comfort of your home, whether you reside in Central London or beyond. We aim to amaze you with the quality of our service. Acquiring your first tattoo should be as stress-free as possible. The client is always our primary concern; your well-being, safety, and comfort take top priority.

Obtain a tattoo in the safety of your home by booking our mobile tattoo artist today.