Relive Your Youthful Spirit With A Stylish Minimalist Tattoo For Parents

Not all eye-catching tattoos are large and flashy


The minimalist tattoo design is both elegant and classic. In fact, tattoos with a simple, clean design are popular among young people because of their trendy, modern appeal.


Parents of an older generation should have tattoos in contemporary styles so they can relive the glory days of their youth and be cool moms or dads to their young children.


Black or coloured lines, negative space, and limited colour palettes are hallmarks of minimalist tattoo designs that seek to convey simplicity and beauty. Of course, a tattoo’s impact and appeal are determined not by its size or price but by its message.


The good thing is that Pearl Lemon Tattoos, a top-tier tattoo salon in London, specialises in minimalist tattoos. We take as much care with a small tattoo as we would with a huge one to ensure that it looks just how you imagined it.


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Why Get a Minimalist Tattoo for Parents?

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to getting tattoos. Your age shouldn’t stop you from getting a tattoo. As a parent, they’re a fantastic way to show off your unique style, express your devotion to someone or something you care about, or both.


More and more people are choosing minimalist tattoos as their first or next tattoo because of the simplicity and elegance of the designs. Minimalist tattoos are preferred by many because they are discreet, can be completed in much less time, and, depending on their placement, can be concealed quite easily.


They’re not as bold as other designs, yet they’re just as meaningful.

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Getting the Tattoo: Preparatory Steps

Even if you only want a small, simple design for your tattoo, there are still a few things you need to consider before heading in for your appointment. For your convenience, we have provided the following preparatory guide.

Know what you want

A clear picture of the tattoo details you want will help you choose an artist more confidently than if you went into the session without any specifications. Explore social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for tattoo ideas.

Look for an artist

Nowadays, it’s possible to view a tattooist’s whole collection of work thanks to their vast online portfolios on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Find a tattoo artist who focuses on simple, clean designs. 


The artist’s personality is just as important as their style. During the consultation, it’s essential to have someone who will listen carefully and engage with you on your level of understanding and interest.

Look for tattoo inspiration in advance

Bring in references, whether photos or sketches, to help the artist create the perfect tattoo for you. Locate artwork online and print it out in actual size if you can; this will significantly help you and the artist.

Take plenty of water and food with you

A simple tattoo can take a while. Therefore, it is essential to secure proper food and enough fluid intake while in the session.

Be sure and confident

A tattoo appointment is a time to speak up for what you want. You must be very specific in telling the artist what you want and do not want in your tattoo, as it will be permanently affixed to your body.

Warning: Before your session, blood-thinning medications such aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium (Aleve) should be avoided.

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Different Minimalist Tattoos For Parents

If you’re going to get a minimalist tattoo art, it should be something that has meaning to you. If you’re struggling with a design that best represents you, you might be interested in checking out these awesome minimalist tattoo designs for some ideas.

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Sun & Moon

A sun tattoo can signify a wide range of themes. Sun lovers, or those who just like the outdoors, may symbolise the magnificence of the sun or the warmth and comfort it brings to people’s lives. It also has spiritual significance, often symbolising harmony or understanding. Since the Sun represents the source of all life, its meaning may refer to rebirth, revival, and fertility. 


As for the moon tattoo, it symbolises change and growth. As well as symbolising time passing, it is a typical image in tattoo art, unlike the sun, which signifies permanence.

Seasonal flowers

Get a tattoo of the flower blooming the month your child was born to mark the occasion. This flower tattoo will not only add a splash of colour to your body but will also complement any other tattoos you may already have.


The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, has its roots in mathematics, and it is a potent symbol of an infinite process. Many people now get tattoos of this symbol because of its prominence in popular culture. It’s a symbol of the everlasting connection shared by friends and lovers.


Semicolon symbolises the campaign against suicide. In the face of adversity, especially mental health issues, it represents the determination to keep living. Amy Bleuel transformed a semicolon from a punctuation mark into a symbol of strength for people who deal with mental health issues such as depression, suicidal tendencies, addiction, anxiety, and self-injury.


The butterfly tattoo, an epitome of fluttering grace, is a time-honoured symbol of positivity, metamorphosis, and independence. The butterfly has long been associated with femininity and romantic love, which likely explains the great appeal of butterfly tattoos.

Woman with fern tattoo hugging trees and enjoying nature in the pine forest.
Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio

Roman Numerals

This slightly obscure tattoo is the perfect way to commemorate the day your little ones were born. The stacked dates look pretty cool—each one is unique, which is good if you’re worried about getting a similar tattoo each time you bear another kid. 


Many people believe that rune tattoos have a mysterious or mystical significance. They carry a spiritual aura and are hence revered. In fact, runes were seen to be deeply intertwined with divine power.


The pearl represents one’s own unique charm and beauty on the inside. The pearl’s enclosing shell is a typical metaphor for the difficulty of appreciating the pearl’s true beauty at first look.

The pearl is intended to symbolise mystery when portrayed in a partially opened shell. The tattoo represents success and wealth when inked around the wrist or ankle. The fact that pearls were once exclusively worn by royalty provides a possible explanation.


Tattoo designs inspired by waves often represent the unstoppable passage of time or the constant flow of life.  Tattoos of waves can also represent a passion for the sea and surfing, a dedication to environmental protection, or a sense of pride in living in a coastal community.


The feather tattoo represents several virtues, including independence, trust, honour, and power. This tattoo design is perfect for everybody because of its vital meaning.


As a more modern tattoo design, hearts can symbolise loyalty, love, friendship, and relationship stability. Many couples opt to get this tattoo as a symbol of their undying love and commitment to one another.


Whether they represent a won or lost love, tattoos of roses have always been a popular representation of intense emotion. This flower is unique in its aesthetic value and the depth of feeling it evokes.


Symbolically, a crown tattoo is rich in meaning, and it’s typically used to convey a wearer’s strong feeling of achievement and strength. Many forms and designs are available, each up to a unique interpretation.

We’ve got you covered if you need more body art or tattoo designs that can show off your parenthood. Ask our tattoo artists for more!

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Great Spots for A Minimalist Tattoo Idea

Getting a tattoo amid a large muscle is not a good idea, especially if you plan on getting other tattoos in the same spot in the future. 

The placement of even a little tattoo in the centre of a huge muscle might block any additional tattoo from being placed there in the future.

The lower forearm and wrist, the inner biceps, the collarbones, the lower pelvis, the back of the neck, the top of the shoulder, the top of the back, the chest, and the lower thighs and ankles are all great spots to have a minimal tattoo. For this reason, most people are wearing upper arm or arm tattoos everywhere.

Tattoos look lovely on these areas because the skin is thicker and more resistant to fading and because they are a perfect canvas for more delicate designs.

Many people prefer to have their tattoos placed on their hands or feet, but Pearl Lemon Tattoos do not recommend smaller tattoos on the hands and feet. Minimal tattoos on the hand and feet will fade or wear out faster than in other parts of your body.

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Get That Black Ink for Parents With Pearl Lemon Tattoos

Artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos are friendly and accommodating and take the time to explain everything to first-time clients. Pearl Lemon Tattoos is a great option for anyone seeking a simple black and white design or an intricate full-colour piece.

We are particularly proud of the quality of our line art tattoo designs and shading technique, which we can apply equally well to small and large designs, making us the go-to tattoo studio for minimalistic artwork.

Moreover, we take pride in our versatile team of artists who can adapt to any style or concept. Plus, scheduling an appointment with us is a breeze.

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