Give Your Pops Some Thought With Our Small Tattoo for Dad

Dedication tattoos show the special bond that children and parents have with each other. 

You, too, can surprise your father with an inked dedication on his special day. Many celebrities have also been seen getting tattoos for their dads, moms, or other family members. 

When it comes to tattoos about your dad, you can be very creative. Most tattoo shops have designs you can choose from, but you can customise them to fit your dad’s style.

You can use many different ideas in your design, like adding one of your dad’s favourite things (hobby, animal, or quote). You could also get a tattoo showing what your dad was interested in. 

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Matching tattoos are also a trend these days. If your father is cool, you should consider getting matching tattoos for a more significant and adorable vibe. 

If you still can’t decide on which tattoo design you want to get, you can read the list of ideas we’ve given below. 

Once decided, contact Pearl Lemon Tattoos, and we’ll get it done for you!

Celebrity Kids Who Got A Small Tattoo for Dad

Time for a little bit of celebrity news! Here we have a few well-known celebs or celeb kids who have done the trend of getting dad tattoos.

Shaughna Phillips

The Love Island 2020 cast has an inking on her left arm commemorating her dad. She said she got it inked for her late father, Eddie, who lost his battle against cancer. 

The tattoo reads: “Hanging out in the clouds under the moon,” with her father’s signature accompanying it.

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer got herself a matching tattoo with her dad, Danny Dyer, in the form of their initials. Dani also got tatted with an infinity symbol on her wrist that is said to be for her never-ending and limitless love for her family.  

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Romeo Beckham

We are all so obsessed with the former footballer David Beckham and the big family of English singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

We see how loving they all are, and we get proof of this when their second eldest, Romeo Beckham, gets a wings tattoo on the back of his neck, the same as his dad’s.

Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, got himself a pretty loving daughter. We can see her with her late father’s Dangerous album cover inked on her forearm, which seems to be in remembrance of her late pops. 

Zelda Williams

Of course, who doesn’t know the Master of Improv? The late actor and comedian Robin Williams got honoured with a hummingbird tattoo by his loving daughter. 

Some Tattoo Design To Show Off Your Special Bond With Your Parent

Flower Tattoo

Flowers are an excellent concept for expression. They show that the love you have for your father keeps growing. Dad will love this tattoo for sure. Some flowers with significant family meanings include:

  • Chrysanthemums stand for loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Hydrangeas represent the love that people have for each other.
  • Roses are the most common tattoo for people close to each other.
  • Sunflowers are cheerful and often grow together in fields.
  • The tiger lily is a sign of happiness and success.
  • Peonies are a sign of kindness, wealth, and happy life.
  • Carnations are a sign of love and pride.
  • Lilacs remind people of being young and innocent.
  • Gardenias stand for innocence and sweetness.
  • Daisies are a sign of consistency and dependability.
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Real Image Tattoos

This one’s a bold way to go, but it is nonetheless another excellent way to commemorate your dad. You may use your favourite picture of your dad’s smile and get the image tattooed on you as body art.

This is also a popular way to go, especially for those getting it as a memorial tattoo. 

Common comments about this kind of tattoo are that it might be embarrassing to tattoo a whole face onto your body and that it might fade and look ugly over time.

The good news is that tattoo rework is a thing now, and some people just get a portion of the face, like their dad’s smile or eyes. 

Dog Tag Tattoos

Dog tags are good tattoo ideas for people with military dads. Since dog tags symbolise the bravery of a soldier, getting them inked will serve as a way to honour your dad’s courage in battles. 

People usually customise these dog tags to really put their dad’s information. These tattoos can be placed on the side of the wrist, side of the chest, or even ankles. 

If your dad works for the military, we definitely recommend you get this tattoo!

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are popular these days. If you have a cool dad, you should get matching tattoos where they will stand out. You can also get a tattoo of both your parents together.

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Memorial Tattoos

People who lost their fathers in a war, an accident, or from disease can get tattoos that show how hard it was for them.

Here, you can get tattoos of your dad’s favourite things or even a portrait of him if you can handle the pain. You can also get simple tattoos of angels, crosses, and your father’s favourite things, or you can just get an RIP tattoo with the name and date.

Get That Tattoo Design Idea Inked Today

Dad tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most adorable and heartwarming tats to get inked with. Whether it be small or big tattoos, we think it’s a great idea, and you should definitely get it!

Pearl Lemon Tattoos and its tattoo artist approve!

As your dad will probably say, “Make your old man proud,” and get that tattoo design idea inked today!

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