Turn Heads with Gorgeous Sexy Sleeve Tattoos for Women

The womenfolk have been stepping up in the tattoo industry these days. Studies show that 22% of the female population in the UK is inked (that’s 7% more than the male population, by the way). We just know that tattoo shops have to step up their game, especially on women’s tattoo designs!


These days, there have been gazillion tattoo designs ranging from small and dainty to visible tattoos of profound tribal ink with bold strokes. These tattoos can be placed almost anywhere the ink can reach (even the eyes!). 


However, based on what we’ve seen, women who want to stand out from the crowd often get sleeve tattoos. No doubt small, pretty designs are lovely, but a sleeve piece is much more noticeable because it goes all the way up the arm to the wrist. You could also choose a half design, which usually ends at the elbow.


The many different styles applicable to this are the best thing about it. This lets you make your ink as unique as possible. For example, if you want to show your faith, you might be drawn to a cross or an angel, or you can get a wolf to show qualities like loyalty. 


There are so many options that it might be hard for you to choose the design you want to get inked. But that’s precisely why Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to help you.


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The Most Common Placement For Your Sexy Tattoos

Check out these usual tattoo placements for your sexy tattoo!

Female tattooist prepares tattoo machine, UV Tattoo Ideas

Full Sleeve Tattoos

Getting a sleeve tattoo takes hours of hard work, but the results are worth it. Why are they called sleeves, though? The ink typically creates a large canvas of your entire arm by beginning at the top of the arm or shoulder and extending all the way down to the wrist. These designs require a lot of creativity because they use so many art styles.

As a result, the piece is often well-thought-out and has a lot of meaning to the person who wears it. It’s not easy, and making this kind of ink takes a lot of time and money. Still, we think it’s worth it.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

It is not necessary to cover your entire arm to make a statement. You can do a half-sleeve tattoo instead. The pattern starts at the upper arm and ends halfway down, around the elbow. This choice is also a bit more private, especially if placed in the inner arm, and it is an excellent choice for people who want to hide their artwork. For work or a formal event, you can cover up.

Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are a good choice, especially if you focus on the top half of your thighs. Since it is usually hidden when wearing corporate clothes, you can get whatever design you want and not worry about your professional image being compromised. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling casual or rather daring, you can show it off by wearing a little piece of clothing.

Upper Back Tattoos

One of the most popular places for women to get tattoos is on the back. This is because the back is blank, which makes it an easy canvas for beautiful, meaningful, and feminine body art. Back tattoos look fantastic and are also easy to hide.

The tattoo artist sketches the drawing for his client
Female Tattoo Artist Prepares Tattoo Machine for Making a Tattoo on a Men’s Arm

Examples of Sexy Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

Flower Tattoos

Floral sleeve tattoos are trendy because they are beautiful and can be drawn in many ways. There are a lot of flowers to choose from, and each one means something different. For example, the sunflower stands for devotion and hope, while the lotus is linked to spiritual enlightenment and strength


You can use all your favourite flowers to make a full and interesting finish. You can also try out different techniques and colours to make a finish that stands out.

Rose Tattoo

A rose is one of the most popular tattoos for both men and women. This is because they can fill in larger designs or stand independently. The rose is a sign of love and beauty but is also linked to pain because of the thorns. A rose reminds you to be careful about who you trust and to find balance in your life.


It’s also important that your tattoo has different colours. For instance, the colour red stands for passion and seduction, while the colour pink stands for elegance and femininity.

Angel Tattoos

Angels are considered pure beings who work for God and stand for light and goodness. Because of these things, the design appeals to people who want to show innocence and have a sense of protection. It can also be a great reminder to the wearer that a guardian is looking out for them and keeping bad energies away.

The sleeve canvas can hold many tattoo designs, like birds, sunshine, or even flowers. Since there are so many options, you can choose something special for yourself.

Feminine Sleeve Tattoo

You can show off your femininity and strength with a sleeve tattoo. You could achieve this with cool tattoo pictures that show how beautiful women are or with pictures that mean something, like Medusa, a symbol of female power, or a lioness, a symbol of motherhood. You can also use colours, flowers, and patterns to make your tattoo look more traditionally feminine.

Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly is a strong choice for a design on your sleeve. It is linked to beauty and change, making it the perfect choice for a woman going through a time of change. A butterfly tattoo is a terrific way to constantly remind yourself that you will overcome this difficult period in your life and that something wonderful will take place.

Female tattooist inking black back tattoo on a man, showing artistry and focus
Focus caucasian woman tattooing arms of her customer

Eagle Tattoos

In Native American culture, an eagle feather tattoo signifies trust, honour, strength, freedom, and wisdom. Many tattoo lovers think of the feathers as a symbol of travel and freedom.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are sacred symbols used in ceremonies, traditions, and meditation. They are made by putting different designs in a circle. They can be relaxing to look at and often stand for balance, harmony, and eternity. This choice for your sleeve is controversial, but it’s also beautiful and gives you a lot of room to be creative.

Portrait Tattoos

A portrait tattoo is a lovely way to honour a newborn child or memorialize a lost loved one. People often tattoo beautiful, realistic pictures of people they love or who have inspired them. This is taken to a new level with a sleeve tattoo, which gives the wearer the chance to add other important images. 


For these kinds of body art, it is imperative to remember that the artist you choose to finish this piece must be good at portraits. If you don’t, you might end up with something silly.

Ink Yourself With Some Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design

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