Clean Your Tattoo The Right Way And Avoid Infections: Tips & Guide

How To Clean Tattoo

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Clean Your Tattoo The Right Way And Avoid Infections: Tips & Guide

Clean TattooGetting a tattoo is a big commitment, so maintaining it with proper care is essential. Cleaning your new tattoo is important in ensuring it heals properly and looks its best. But how do you go about cleaning a tattoo?In this article, we will provide you with the answers to all your questions on how to clean a new tattoo. From why it’s so important to how often you should clean it, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first wash – we’ve got you covered!So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and make sure that your new ink stays looking fresh!

Why Cleaning A New Tattoo Is So Important?

Cleaning a new tattoo is one of the most important steps in the tattoo aftercare process. Keeping your new ink clean is essential to ensure it heals quickly. Not only can dirty tattoos cause infection and slow down the healing process, but they can also ruin the artwork by causing unsightly scarring. It’s also important to use a mild, skin-sensitive antibacterial soap when cleaning your tattoo to avoid any irritation or damage to the area.Gently washing your tattoo with warm water and soap for just a few minutes each day will help keep it free from bacteria and other contaminants that could lead to infection. Additionally, applying a suitable moisturizing lotion afterwards will help keep the area hydrated and prevent itchiness or dryness.

How Often Should You Clean A New Tattoo?

How often you should clean your new tattoo depends on the aftercare instructions given by your artist. Generally, it is recommended that you wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day, once in the morning and once at night. This will help keep your tattoo free of bacteria and other contaminants that could lead to infection.It’s important to use a mild, skin-sensitive antibacterial soap when cleaning your tattoo to avoid any irritation or damage to the area. Wash the area with warm water and soap for a few minutes daily to ensure it stays clean.Apply a suitable moisturizing lotion afterwards to keep the area hydrated and prevent itching or dryness.

How To Shower After Getting A New Tattoo

Showering after getting a new tattoo can be tricky. It’s important to wait at least 24 hours before showering, as it takes this long for the skin to form a protective barrier over the tattoo. When you shower, use lukewarm water and mild soap free of fragrances and dyes. Gently cleanse the area with your fingertips in circular motions for no more than three minutes.Avoid scrubbing or using any harsh or abrasive cleansers on the area, as this can cause damage to the healing skin. Afterwards, pat dry with a soft towel and apply a thin layer of an appropriate moisturizer, such as lotion or coconut oil, to keep the area hydrated.

Tips On Getting Around The First Wash

Clean A TattooCleaning a new tattoo is essential for healing and should be done as soon as possible. The first wash should occur after 24 hours with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap.

Wash Your Hands

It is extremely important to wash your hands before handling a new tattoo. Washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap will help reduce the risk of infection and prevent further irritation or damage to the skin. Begin by running a tap until the water turns lukewarm.Apply some soap to your fingertips, then massage it into your hands in circular motions for at least 20 seconds. Rinse off with lukewarm water and dry with a soft towel. Ensure you do not rub the area too harshly, as this could cause more irritation or damage to the skin.

Wet The Area

Once your hands are completely clean, turn on a faucet and let the water flow until it is lukewarm. The skin will be quite sensitive, and the warm water could hurt, so you don’t want it to be any warmer. Moreover, warm water can make your pores more permeable, which may allow ink to come off the skin.Things to note:
  • DO NOT stick the tattoo right under the tap. Pour the water gently over the tattooed region after forming a cup with your hands. Your hand should gently rub the water in circular patterns around the tattoo until it is thoroughly moist.
  • DO NOT do this for an extended period since too much water can saturate the area and clog your pores, potentially causing the carefully implanted ink to disperse out of the area.

Add Soap

Use your fingers or palm to gently wipe a mild, fragrance-free, alcohol-free soap onto the area once it has been wet. Avoid cleaning the area with previously used washcloths or towels because they will likely crawl with bacteria and germs. Only use your hands to wash and dry your tattoo for at least the first month.Although you shouldn’t scrub the area too vigorously with the soap, you should check that after cleaning your tattoo, it no longer feels sticky or slippery (from extra plasma). After using the soap, if your tattoo feels clean, you’ve done enough.If any dried-out and sticky bits of ink or blood won’t come off the spot with gentle rubbing, leave them there. Don’t try to rub them off. Over the coming days or when you next clean the area, they will fall off on their own.


After gently cleaning, rinse the area with more lukewarm water to remove any soap residue.


After cleaning, you should ensure the surface is naturally air-dry, or you can gently massage a paper towel into the area. If you decide to use a paper towel, keep in mind to gently dab the affected region and to take caution while removing the paper from the skin because it can stick.When you dry the area over the first few days, you can notice patches of extra ink appearing on the paper. This is normal and won’t harm your tattoo.

Apply Lotion

Use a lotion or ointment to moisturize the area and promote healing once the tattoo has completely dried. You only need to apply a very small amount of lotion to the area, just enough to cover it with a very thin layer and give the tattoo a slightly shiny appearance. A lotion buildup may hinder the area from receiving enough oxygen, slowing the healing process.


By taking proper care of your new tattoo, you can be sure it will look vibrant and beautiful for years! Cleaning your tattoo regularly will help promote fast healing and ensure that you are proud of your artwork.Has this blog been helpful? Let us know in the comments!


Can I clean my tattoo with just water?

It’s fine if your tattoo gets a little wet, but it shouldn’t be submerged or left under running water for long periods. Keep time in the shower to a minimum, and be gentle to avoid irritating your newly tattooed skin. This means skipping the loofah or washcloth — at least over the inked area.

Can you clean a tattoo with alcohol?

Pat the tattoo dry with a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, do not rub it. Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your tattoo; these will dry the tattoo and possibly remove colour.

Can I wash a fresh tattoo without soap?

While it is healing, NEVER touch your tattoo without first washing your hands with a mild, liquid antibacterial soap. Initially, leave your bandage on for 1-3 hours. After removing the bandage in a clean environment, gently wash the tattooed area with warm water and antibacterial soap. Do not scrub.