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Getting Inked For A Whovian: Doctor Who Tribute Tattoo

Getting Inked For A Whovian: Doctor Who Tribute Tattoo

Doctor Who fans worldwide are showing their love for the series in unique ways. One of these ways is by getting a Doctor Who tattoo. These tattoos are not just ordinary; they represent fans’ love and passion for this iconic sci-fi show.

Tattoo Ideas
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Doctor Who tattoos come in many designs, from small and simple to large and intricate pieces. Some of the most popular designs include TARDISes, Daleks, Cybermen, and even portraits of the Doctors themselves. Fans use these tattoos to connect and show their dedication to the show.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering Doctor Who for the first time, getting a Doctor Who tattoo is an excellent way to express your love for this iconic series. So why not join thousands of other fans worldwide who have already taken this bold step?

Getting To Know Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the ultimate sci-fi show that has captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. This iconic series has been thrilling viewers for over fifty years with its time-travelling adventures and pulse-racing action. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering the show for the first time, Doctor Who promises to take you on an unforgettable journey through space and time.

As one of the longest-running sci-fi shows in history, Doctor Who has gained a massive following of dedicated fans across generations. From classic episodes featuring Tom Baker’s iconic portrayal of The Fourth Doctor to modern-day adventures with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, there is something for everyone in this epic series. With each episode packed full of adventure, humour and heart-stopping drama, it’s no wonder audiences keep returning for more.

Small Doctor Who Tattoos

Doctor Who fans are known for their passion and dedication to the beloved British sci-fi series. Many fans have taken their love for the show to the next level by getting Doctor Who-themed tattoos. If you’re a die-hard Whovian looking to get your Doctor Who tattoos but don’t want anything too large or elaborate, we’ve got you covered!

One popular option is to get a TARDIS tattoo. The iconic blue police box is instantly recognisable and represents everything great about the show. You can opt for a minimalist design, such as a simple outline of the TARDIS or something more intricate, like an image of it flying through space and time.

Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who Tattoos

Doctor Who fans, get ready to show your love for the iconic time-travelling series with a Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who tattoo! This is the perfect way to celebrate your fandom and pay homage to one of the essential tools in the Doctor’s arsenal. A Sonic Screwdriver tattoo will look cool and remind you of all the fantastic adventures that have taken place throughout the show’s long run.

As a fan, you know that nothing embodies Doctor Who better than his trusty Sonic Screwdriver. The device has been featured prominently since the beginning of the series and has become an icon in its own right. With so many designs available, ample opportunities exist for customisation and making something unique that perfectly represents your style.

Bad Wolf Tattoo 

Bad Wolf is one of the most popular Doctor Who tattoo designs among fans. This phrase was first introduced in season one of the show and has since become an iconic symbol representing Rose Tyler‘s journey throughout time and space. The Bad Wolf design can be interpreted in many ways, from a simple text-based tattoo to an intricate artwork featuring wolves or roses.

Dalek-Inspired Tattoo

One popular Doctor Who tattoo design is, of course, the iconic Dalek. These robotic creatures have been terrorising the universe since the very beginning of the show and have become one of its most recognisable symbols. A Dalek tattoo can be done in many styles – from realistic to cartoonish – and can be placed on any body part. Some fans get just one Dalek, while others opt for an entire army marching across their skin.

Gallifreyan Doctor Who Tattoo Designs

Doctor Who fans are a passionate bunch, and what better way to show your love for the TARDIS-travelling Time Lord than with a Gallifreyan tattoo? 

Gallifreyan, the language of the Time Lords, is a beautiful and complex script that has become synonymous with Doctor Who. Fans have taken this script and turned it into stunning tattoo designs that capture the essence of the series. From quotes to symbols, there are endless possibilities regarding Gallifreyan’s Doctor Who tattoos.

One popular Gallifreyan design is the circular pattern seen on The Doctor’s hand in “The Day of the Doctor” episode. This striking design features intricate swirls and lines that create a magical effect, perfect for any sci-fi lover. Another popular option is to translate your favourite quote or phrase into Gallifreyan script, adding a personal touch to your tat.

Watercolor Tattoo Time Lord Designs

Watercolour tattoo designs are known for their vibrant colours and abstract shapes, making them an excellent choice for Doctor Who-inspired tattoos. From the TARDIS to iconic quotes from the show, there are endless possibilities when creating your custom design. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the series, watercolour tattoos offer a fresh take on traditional ink that can be tailored to fit anyone’s style.

Full Sleeve Doctor Who Tattoo Ideas

Full-sleeve Doctor Who tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among fans who want to showcase their love for this iconic sci-fi series.

Fans can incorporate their favourite Doctors, companions, villains, or TARDIS designs into their tattoos. Some may opt for a minimalist approach with simple black ink outlines, while others may go all out with vibrant colours and intricate details.

Tattoo Ideas
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Another great thing about getting a full sleeve Doctor Who tattoo is that it’s not just about showcasing fandom – it can also express creativity and personal style.


In conclusion, Doctor Who tattoos are a great way to show your love for this beloved sci-fi show. These ideas can create a unique tattoo that captures the show’s essence and the Doctor’s spirit. 

Whether you opt for a classic or cutting-edge design, your tattoo will reflect your passion for this iconic series. Additionally, Doctor Who themes make great conversation starters, allowing you to share your interest in the show with others.


How long have Doctor Who tattoos been a popular trend?

Doctor Who tattoos have been popular since the show aired in 1963. The show’s long-running success and popularity have meant that fans of the show have been getting Doctor Who tattoos for decades.

Doctor Who tattoos are also growing in popularity due to their versatility. From small and subtle designs to full-sleeve pieces, there is something for everyone when it comes to expressing your love for this classic British sci-fi series through body art.

Why does the popularity of Doctor Who tattoos spike each year?

The popularity of Doctor Who tattoos spikes each year likely because of the show’s ongoing success and relevance to its fans.

Each new season brings exciting plot lines and characters that draw in viewers from around the world. Fans who have been watching for years can identify with the show’s core themes—adventure, exploration, and friendship—and choose to express their love for the show through a tattoo.

What are famous Doctor Who lines?

One of the most iconic lines from Doctor Who is “Allons-y!” which translates to “Let’s go!” in French and was often used as an exclamation of excitement when the Doctor was about to embark on a new adventure.

Another famous line from Doctor Who is “Exterminate!” which is the catchphrase of the Daleks, robotic aliens with no mercy for any living creature. Their signature phrase has become synonymous with their ruthless nature.

Finally, another classic line from Doctor Who is “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, which shows a vulnerable side to the Time Lord that resonated with fans of all ages.