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Many people nowadays, young and old, have thought of getting a tattoo or piercing at least once. And for the most part, some of these people actually go ahead with this idea. Even in the latest times, the public’s opinion of tattoos is still significantly divided.

But you must remember that what other people think is irrelevant as long as you make the proper decision for yourself. In the end, tattoos are just one more way you may express your personality and character. Some very vital examples of common and traditionally significant tattoos are portrait and tribal tattoos, body ink that connects one to their culture. However, knowing what each tattoo signifies and stands for is crucial.

Body modification has been all the rage for ages. For instance, while most body piercings today are performed with needles, this wasn’t always the case. People used to insert other items through the skin. Whatever method, body piercing is a form of artistic expression. 

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The popularity of body modification can be supported by the fact that 20% of Americans have pondered having one, and nearly 50% of individuals have tattoos.

At Pearl Lemon Tattoo, we have a team of experienced and highly-professional artists that know how to depict your story through technique and creative talent in body art. When it comes to piercing, our trained staff ensure a safe and friendly environment which is fully in line with the standard procedure that is hygienic and comfortable so that you don’t have to worry.

If you are in Stratford, Norbury, Watford, or anywhere in or near Paddington, we highly recommend you stop by our tattoo and piercing shop in London. Our friendly and talented staff will be at the forefront and happy to help you out.

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Ear Piercing

Ear piercings can’t go out of vogue because they are a timeless fashion trend. An ear piercing here and there never hurts when trying to put together an alluring and distinctive look. It’s simple to become perplexed, given the abundance of possibilities. 

People can now have numerous piercings or just one at a time, depending on their comfort level, as opposed to only one in each ear, as was once the norm. 

You can pierce your ears in various locations, each with its challenges. Most ear piercings involve puncturing cartilage, which requires using a needle and the expertise of experienced piercers like ours. Your fully qualified and knowledgeable piercer can use a needle or a piercing gun to pierce earlobes, one of the least painful and most often pierced body parts.

More commonly and with the parent’s consent, many children at a young age get this old school piercing done.

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Oral Piercing

Although tongue piercings are less common than lower lip piercings, they are still an option. If you’re not accustomed to pain, this form of piercing can be excruciatingly unpleasant, so do lots of study before deciding to get it done! Additionally, bear in mind that, out of all face piercings, oral piercings typically take the longest to heal.

Tongue Piercing

Though it takes some time for this piercing to heal, it may be a great way to express yourself. Make careful to select the appropriate size of jewellery for your tongue based on the width of your mouth. Also, hard meals and carbonated beverages will slow the healing process; it’s crucial to avoid them while recovering.

Lip Piercing

Although lip piercings are a popular choice, they are thought to be harder to heal. To get a lip piercing done correctly, we advise using 14-gauge jewellery during the initial piercing, then switching to 12 or 16-gauge jewellery after the hole has completely healed.

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Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

For tattoos with meaning, numerous interpretations have emerged over time. Typically, a red rose is seen as a symbol of love, passion, or fidelity, while a butterfly indicates change. When these two symbols are combined, a symbol of love alludes to a change in a person’s love life results. This is also a very popular customer favourite for custom full sleeves.

Snake And Sword Tattoo

You won’t run out of inspiration with our assortment of tattoo-meaning suggestions. We have another combo on our list after that, one that any tattooist should be experienced in.

A snake tattoo symbolises the animal’s strength, cunning, and ferocity

It can attack prey that is larger than it is. Many civilisations view a snake curled around a sword as a symbol of fortitude. It also represents a warrior prepared to protect their stronghold. Snake tattoos are also popular on Instagram and can attract likes and follows.

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Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions serve as a continual reminder of the transient character of existence. They remind us that nothing lasts forever and we should take advantage of the opportunities we are given. This tattoo represents the accomplishment of one’s goals and aspirations when coupled with birds.

Raven Tattoo 

Ravens have long been associated with wrath and destruction. But for them, that is not all. These mysterious, enigmatic beings are brilliant. They can speak as well. The formidable black birds known as ravens were considered symbols of rebirth, survival, and death in Norse mythology.

Dragonfly Tattoo

Finding the ideal tattoo can be challenging. Let the dragonfly lead you away from confusion. A dragonfly is a symbol of all good things. It is considered a symbol of change, peace, prosperity, and good fortune in various civilisations around the world. 

Even now, some ancient societies refer to dragonflies as the interdimensional messenger. So, if you want to choose something that would bring optimism and prosperity into your life, this is it.

Sunflower Tattoo

Bright yellow sunflowers make you think of sunny summer days. These flowers are renowned for their enduring ties to the sun and their unceasing motion in its direction. A sunflower represents joy, love, optimism, good fortune, and loyalty. 

The concept of a sunflower tattoo for women is thought to come from Greek mythology, where it represents a hopeful, enduring, and devoted love. You can also get a watercolour tattoo highlighting the flowers’ unique meaning-laden yellow colour.

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Sword And Crown Tattoo

Numerous tattoos have deeper meanings and frequently combine different symbols to convey an entirely new idea. A crown represents regal sway, domination, and power. It also represents authority, sturdiness, and majesty. 

On the other hand, the sword stands for defence, justice, strength, courage, and honour. Together, these two tattoo designs represent the authority held within the throne.

Tree Tattoo

Trees are a popular choice if you’re seeking tattoos with significance. A tree symbolises life, nature, and all the strength, stamina, and knowledge that go along with it. The tree of life, a tree with its branches and roots arranged in a circle, is the most popular tattoo design.

Koi Fish Tattoo 

Another well-liked alternative for those looking to acquire meaningful tattoos is the Japanese koi fish. This fish stands for fortitude, prosperity, perseverance, and tenacity. Many people also consider them to be lucky symbols. They are frequently tattooed in pairs to symbolise the duality of life and how it coexists harmoniously.

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We love body art and piercing. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we also want everyone to experience this love. The process of getting pierced and tats is being altered. Our tattoo studio provides a clean atmosphere that is enjoyable, secure, and all about expressing oneself at an affordable price.

We ensure that each station in our studio, along with needles and other vital equipment, undergo sterilisation and sanitation.

We’re here to find your vibe because everyone has a different feel. We track down the piercings and tattoo designs that best express your unique sense of style.

We never let our clients down. We will support you throughout, provide expert advice on all aspects of tattoos, plus indulge you in professional aftercare sessions while maintaining a clean and professional environment which is fully licensed as an added bonus to our credibility as a tattoo and piercing studio.

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