Get A Rework On Your Ink By Celebrating Love and Friendship With A Rose Cover Up Tattoo

There are various ways to show how much a person cherishes their loved ones and friends.


For instance, couples can get matching clothing as a cute way to display their affection for one another. When it comes to friends and families, they bond and express their happiness by exchanging greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates. Getting together for dinner is also a good option for both scenarios.


However, getting a tattoo is the best option if you want an extreme display of love

While tattoos aren’t for everyone, we can’t think of a more permanent way to celebrate your relationship or devotion to your loved ones.

Rose Cover Up Tattoo

A tattoo representing your love for another person is a popular way to demonstrate your commitment to them. In contemporary times, it can’t be denied that love symbols are extremely popular everywhere


We have hearts and cupid characters that are on top of the list. A flower tattoo, especially one designed with roses, comes in second. And oh! Don’t forget the classic name inking of your partner or family member.


But if we observe well, we can see that many people choose roses as the subject of their love expression. Perhaps it’s because of the flower’s intrinsic air of romance.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we understand if a rose tattoo is the best option for you. After all, a rose tattoo really does scream passione” even from afar.

And don’t you worry if it’s going to be a cover up tattoo for an old tattoo that you want to be erased– our experts can always rework and reinvent your previous tattoo the way you want it.

Pearl Lemon Tattoos has the expertise to fit your vision in making the perfect rose cover up tattoo. We can customise a tattoo design that would look and feel personal and romantic just for you.

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The Meaning Behind a Rose Cover Up Tattoo

It’s a prickly flower, yet it gives us a glimpse into unconditional love.

All around the world, this flower is revered for its historical and cultural significance and its associations with romantic love, passion, and ardour.


Since roses are expensive flowers to maintain and grow, the Romans used rose incense and petals as status symbols to show off their wealth. The Romans also came up with the phrase “sub rosa,” which is Latin for “under the rose” and is used to denote secrecy. While the roses were present in the dinner hall, conversations were kept quiet and private. Many emperors used the flower’s edibility to add a splash of vibrant colour and abundant beauty to their meals.


In addition, the modern interpretation of the rose’s symbolism includes the idea that love and compassion can last a lifetime


There is another powerful sense connected to this flower, and that is hope. This hope can be for the future, for the fulfilment of a dream, or the rekindling of a long-lost passion.

Different Types of Rose Cover Up Tattoos Just For You

Remember that a rose tattoo’s significance might vary with its colour. See if any of these colours of rose cover up tattoo designs speak to you.


Once you decide on one– talk to our tattoo artists about it!

White Rose Tattoo

A white rose tattoo can be chosen for its beauty or symbolic significance. Most commonly, white roses are used to represent innocence or enchantment. 

White ink can be used in various ways to create striking artwork. For example, most people who get white rose tattoos might be looking for a realistic depiction of a rose or want a tattoo entirely done in white ink to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves.

However, remember that this cover up tattoo will only be perfect for your almost invisible old tattoo. If your old ink is still prevalent and you really want your new ink in white, we might have to add the first layer of black ink or have a few laser tattoo removal sessions to make the white ink visible on your skin.


Red Rose Tattoo

A red rose tattoo has long been a symbol of undying love and devotion. This is the most common colour you can see among tattoo enthusiasts. Aside from the fact that red goes well with black ink, this rose is commonly associated with love everywhere.


Other variations of the colour red would be purple and pink. While purple roses have long been associated with monarchy and mystique, pink roses have come to represent elegance, gratitude, and compassion.


If you decide to go with a red rose tattoo, you can be assured that your tattoo artist will design a cover up tattoo with a fresh and passionate look.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Getting a tattoo of a single yellow rose is said to bring you good fortune, happiness, and connection


Yellow is commonly a symbol of everything nice. With its bright hue that imitates the colour of the sun, you can say that seeing it in a rose erases all the darkness around. Like a red rose tattoo, the yellow rose tattoo is a good complementary colour to black ink.


Getting this shade of rose tattoo will give you a nice twist on that new cover up you’re eyeing for.


Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose tattoo design can symbolise death, loss, and grief, but Blackwork is also a popular design today. Commonly black is associated with grimness, but as of late, the colour is being reinvented by society.


Black can also mean cleanliness, aesthetic visuals, or just a plain solid colour that looks cool. So with that in mind, a black rose tattoo can really mean many things depending on the person asking for that tattoo.

As you can see, the colour of a rose may not establish its meaning unless the individual who has it always has a particular meaning in mind. A red rose tattoo may mean bloody love– a toxic one and a yellow rose tattoo may symbolise a sad memory long ago.


It really depends.


But no matter which colour you choose from above, our tattoo artists will ensure that you get the best design possible for your cover up tattoo.

All you have to do is tell them what you want.

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Elements That Go With Your New Rose Tattoo Design

Meanings associated with rose tattoos can be derived from any additional detail to the piece.  We’ve compiled a few examples of how a rose tattoo can be customised in many ways.

Sunflower and Rose Tattoo

Tattoo designs based on flowers, including the sunflower and the rose, are some of the most popular choices. 


Sunflower’s brilliant colour stands out on any background. It conjures up feelings of warmth, joy, and energy. Because of its orientation toward the sun, it might be read as a symbol of hope for the future or unshakable faith


A tattoo of these two flowers together would be beautiful and meaningful.

Rose Cover Up Tattoo

Snake and Rose Tattoo

The rose symbolises love, but when inked with a snake, its meaning shifts to one of seduction and lust. It’s easy to see the negative meanings of this artwork, yet the serpent might be protecting the flower, which stands for your heart or your relationship. 


It doesn’t matter how you choose to read this design; it’s still an impressive piece of artwork

Think of an area of skin that will be visible often to remind you daily why you went with this particular ink.

Compass Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos often feature compasses or other navigational instruments. Historically, the style has been popular among sailors, but it could still be very appealing even if you’ve never stepped foot on a ship. Good fortune and the right way are suggested by body art.

Of course, the rose and the compass aren’t the only two symbols that can be tattooed on the body; some people choose to mix the two. It’s up to you to decide how to showcase a work that motivates you to maintain an optimistic outlook and look to the future with hope.


Cross with Roses Tattoo

Some tattoos have such personal meaning that you wish to flaunt them. For example, a cross tattoo is a visible symbol of faith that many religious men have. 


Christian symbols, such as the cross, have deep meaning and are widely utilised worldwide. It is typically associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the selfless offering of his life for the sake of all humanity. As such, it can stand for selflessness and love. 


On the other side, roses can stand for innocence, charm, and happiness.

Butterfly Rose Tattoo

Symbols of love, passion, and change, such as butterflies and roses, make for stunning tattoos for men and women. The symbolism of these two subjects together is deep, but the butterfly has deep meaning on its own as well.

It’s easy to understand why this design would appeal to someone looking for a traditional tattoo with a bold message.

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Rose Clock Tattoo

A rose clock tattoo is a common symbol of eternal love. Combining the two designs can yield some stunning results. Whether you want to honour a special friendship or reflect on the passing of time, this is a great way to do both. 

You can personalise it by choosing the moment the clock’s hands stop; this could represent the birth of a child, the beginning of a relationship, or the time of your wedding. Its timepiece could mark the exact minute a loved one died away, making it suitable for use as a memorial.

Skull and Rose Tattoo

The skull is an iconic representation of death that is recognised around the world. It may also represent the fine line between survival and certain death. It’s an excellent choice for a man who often reckons about mortality


You might use the tattoo to show that you have no fear of death, or you can use it as a constant reminder to appreciate every moment of your life. A skull tattoo is already popular, but paired with a rose can symbolise the harmony between beauty and suffering or struggle. 

This is the design to go with if you’re looking for a statement about the value of a happy, balanced existence.


Rose Tattoo with a Name

Because they are unique to the wearer, name tattoos rank high among the most meaningful tattoo options.  


Children’s names, names of relatives who have passed away, and names of current or former romantic partners are all common choices for tattoos. 

Remember that your design will pop with the addition of a rose, but the colour of your flower can change its significance. For instance, yellow symbolises happiness, whereas crimson stands for ardent love.


We’re more than happy to add whatever element you’d like to add to your rose cover-up tattoo and make it more personal!

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Tattoo Ideas & Artists That Consider What You Want

Pearl Lemon Tattoos sees its work as a way to honour and celebrate love


Traditional rose tattoos are a common request for our artists– especially for cover up tattoos. You don’t have to worry if it’s a complicated design. They are talented individuals who will do their best to complete your request.


And if ever your requested cover up tattoo design isn’t feasible, they will present you with ideas that can be an alternative to your design.


We put our clients’ needs first in every design we create, and we’re willing to work with them on revisions until they’re satisfied.

Are we a team you’d like to do your ink with? Talk to us.

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